Covid - 19


The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a widespread concern and economic hardship for communities and businesses across Texas and the United States. This evolving situation is consistently monitored by BMB’s management and human resources.

Due to the ongoing and ever-changing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, BMB team members take the following steps:

  • All team members* are practicing social distancing within each project through consistent monitoring and reinforcement to include signs and notices posted in conspicuous and appropriate.
  • Any team member exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms must get tested. If they are positive they must remain home for 72 hours (3 Days).
  • Any team member(s) reporting to work with fever-like symptoms are required to return home until he/she is symptom free for 24 hours (1 full day) without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines.
  • The BMB office is observing proper environmental cleaning every day which includes wiping down all commonly touched surfaces such as workstations, countertops, doorknobs, keyboards, etc. with appropriate disinfectants, cleaning agents, or disposable wipes and upon finishing the cleaning efforts, every other week the offices are sprayed, all team members will practice thoroughly washing their hands.
  • Team members traveling for vacation should contact Human Resources to report where they are going and their expected return date. Travel to any geographical location deemed as a COVID-19 “hot zone” is strongly discouraged since it puts the entire company and our families at risk. Team members shall notify Human Resources if there are any reasons to believe that exposure to the virus may have occurred.

*  Team Member(s) is defined as any and all personnel to include, but not limited to, BMB team members, subcontractors, vendors, clients, etc.